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Soofi Song `....Sahul Hamid `...M.Haja Maideen

The Nagore Dargah Indian Muslim Heritage Centre is an institution with more than 180 years of history. The centre is located at the site of the Nagore Dargah shrine, which was built between 1828 and 1830 by early immigrants from South India.

Early Indian-Muslim settlers often visited the place of worship to thank its saint Shahul Hameed, a South Indian holy man who helped to spread Islam to India and South East Asia including Tanah Melayu (now Malaysia), Borneo, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

Who is Sahul Hamid?

In a large part of India Islam was spread by preachers who dedicated their lives to this course. One of such great aulia was Sheikh Shahul Hameed Nagoori

This famous Sheikh was born in Manickapur near Ayodya in the United Provinces of India 400 tears ago on a Friday in the year 910 Hijrah. His father was ,Sayyid Hasan Kuddus , 21st lineal descendant of the Prophet of Islam via Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani . Before his birth a Messenger of God appeared before his mother Fatima in a dream and predicted that she would be blessed with a son who would be the Ghaus( Saviour of the people and the Captain of Islam) . Even as a child, he showed signs of great wisdom intense piety and divine communion. Before he was eight years old, he learned Arabic dialect and its grammar. He went in search of a religious teacher who could instruct him in solving the enigmas and the mysteries of the world a.. At his parent's desire went to Gwalior to be initiated by Sayyyid Muhammed Ghouse in divine knowledge. After some years of training he left Gwalior and went to Manickapur with his disciples and then toured extensively in Afgnanistan, Balachistan and other places

The Sheikh never married and thus had no children . His 'descendants' today are the children of his 'miraculous son'. The story is is as follows. One day on his way to perform Hajj in Makkah he stopped in a Mosque at Lahore where a rich and respectable man, Kazi Noordin approached the Sheikh to be blessed with a child. The Sheikh prayed to God to bless Noordin with children. He also told Noordin that the eldest son should be dedicated to the Sheikh as his son. Noordin's wife Zuhra soon conceived and gave birth to a son on the 12th of Rejab, Hijrah 959 and the child was named Sayid Muhammed Yusof . The said child was properly educated and in his seventh year took leave of his parents to go and meet his 'real father' at Makkah as he heard a voice informing him that his father was awaiting his arrival at Makkah. He joined the Sheikh at Makkah, and the Sheikh, his son and the followers visited Ponnani, Ceylon, Kayalpatnam, Keelakari and Tenkasi and propagated Islam.

Finally he visited Tanjore and cured Achuthappa Naicken, the then Ruler of Tanjore of a grievous and prolonged illness. He also prayed for them to be blessed with childern.The Sheikh did not accept accept any offerings but requested for and was given apiece of land on which the Nagoor Dargah stands. He remained in this place till the end of his life with his 'son' .He died in his sixty eighth year on Friday and was buried in Nagore. Tulasaji Maharaja, the then Maratha King of Tanjore endowed large extent of lands and his father Pratap Singh built the big minaret in front of the Dargah.

This Dargah is an object of great veneration not only for Muslims but also for other communities. The anniversary of the Sheikh is celebrated every year for fourteen days commencing from the first day of the month of Jamathulakhir. The festival known as the Grand "Kandoori Festival" attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims from Arabia, Cylon, Burma and other places. The Dargah is managed by eight hereditary trustees (Nattamaigars) who are the lineal descendants of the Sheikh's miraculous son Sayyid Mohamed Yusof.

This 447-year-old famous dargah in Nagore came to the lime light when it provided shelter to over 5,000 people immediately after the December 26, 2004 Tsunami devastation, While the unprepared district administration was facing an uphill task in providing shelters and relief materials to tsunami victims, the dargah came in for rescue immediately after the disaster and provided shelter to over 5,000 people from the nearby coastal villages irrespective of their religion.


-Lecture by Kunhimohd Musliar during Nagoor Sheikh Aande
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TvTarekat was here in Nagore 2019 as a media representative.
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